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Gears have been used since around 350 B.C. (2,300 years ago). Gears still retain their original form to this day. One of the reasons may be that they are rather simple in construction. Many technicians today still make an effort to improve and perfect the science of gears.

"KHK Gear World" is the site to provide the gear learners with information on gears. In addition to the introductory course for beginners it contains some reference materials for advanced learners. It also contains "virtual factory tour", and you can see and learn, by watching images, how gears are made by KHK. We would be happy if you would find them useful and intriguing.

The use of gears as a machine element
There are various types of gears. And by using varying combination of gears and shafts, you can make out various movements, such as increasing torque, adjusting speed, and changing the direction of motion, etc.

Introduced here with video images, graphics and sound are gear trains and the examples how gears are used. ииии
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The use of gears as a machine element

Virtual factory tour
If you are not familiar with how gears are made, please visit our "virtual factory tour." You can see and learn through video images how gears are made by KHK.

Introduced here are the gear-tooth cutting process for each type of gear, the process of keyway broaching., etc. ииии
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Virtual factory tour

The technical information on gears
Introduced here are "Introduction to Gears" which are made as an aid for the designer who is a beginner, and "Practical Information on Gears" made for the designer who is in active service.
Here you can also review "KHK The ABCs of Gears" in PDF format consisting of A) the introductory course, B) the intermediate course, and C) the advanced course. ииии
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References Gear Technology Information

Design Aid
KHK Web Catalog containing : Part Selection Function Strength Calculation Function DXF File Download Function - 2D and 3D drawings downloadable. CAD Function - allows parametric input with simple functionality to produce basic configuration of custom gears.....Click here
Gear Design Assistances

Q & A concerning Gears
Please utilize the following KHK computer-based system as design aid to save your time and expense:

Selection Help
- enables you to select gears by using 4 search functions

- Downloading of 2D or 3D CAD data on KHK Stock Gears

- Display of Drawings Creating Drawings for KHK-Stock Gear-Modification use Creating Drawings for Custom Gears

Strength Calculations

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FAQ on Gears

KHK3009 catalog includes some of these information provided here.
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