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KHK Gears are adoptable for all uses
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Searching for Gears?
KHK Stock Gears are standardized metric gears that are manufactured and sold by Kohara Gear. Over 15200 configurations are available.
Search for Gears
Many Gears for Many Uses
KHK Web Catalog - On this web site you can browse through our stock gear catalog, checking gear strength and downloading drawings.
KHK Gears are adoptable for all uses
Need finished gears?
J Series - is a line of gear products with standardized holes, keyways and taps.
J Series
Need a Modified Gear?
KHK's Haguruma Kobo is a reliable source for quality modifications with short deliveries and competitive pricing.
Special Gear Requests
Custom Gears Are Available!Custom Gears - KHK produces custom gears per your specification and manufacturing drawings.
Custom Gears
KHK Gears Questions about Gears?
KHK Gear World provides technical references on gearing and related technologies.
Technical references on gears and related technologies
About KHK the company
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KHK is a gear manufacturer in Japan Virtual Factory Tour 矢印
Experience a virtual tour of KHK factory. Watch video clips of its manufacturing line in action.
KHK - Kohara Gear Industry Co.Ltd KHK Noda Factory
(Time 09:05. Size 20MB)

History of KHK 矢印
An old gear cutting machineEver since 1935!
KHK has been manufacturing gears. Photos and motion picures in the nineteen-fifties are included.
Have a look at these historic photos and pictures.

Tradeshows and Exhibitions 矢印
TradeshowsWe regularly exhibit our products in domestic and overseas tradeshows.
Stop by our booth for a chance to learn more about KHK.

KHK Global Network 矢印
KHK has expanded sales network in the major cities around the world. See here to search for KHK distributor in your area.

KHK Policy toward Environmrntal Issues 矢印
ISO 14001 CertificateKHK is taking every possible measures to minimize any adverse impact on the environment.
ISO 14001 Certified

About KHK
Corporate Information

KHK Stock Gears






KHK is a gear manufacturer in Japan
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KHK Gear Product Info
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KHK is a gear manufacturer in Japan New Products 矢印UPdate
New Products Including the best-ever racks in the KHK Stock Gears, the J-Series product lineup is widely expanded. White racks are also newly added in the series!

GCU Gear Assembly Kit 矢印
GCU Gear Assembly Kit
Recommended for use in learning about gears! This gear assembly kit clearly shows how gears work. There are assembly kits for different gear types that can be combined in learning more about the characteristics and features of gears.

KHK Stock Gears 矢印
Standardized metric gears (Stock Gears) consist of 15200 configura-tions. They are: Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Racks and Pinions, Bevel Gears, Miter Gears, Worm Gears, Internal Gears, and Screw Gears, with different precision grades, made of various materials.


KHK 3012 Catalog 矢印
KHK Gear Product CatalogOur latest catalog KHK 3012 covering all KHK Stock Gears is designed to help customers select a proper gear immediately. Keep a copy at hand for quick reference.

KHK eCatalog 矢印 NEW!
KHK Gear Product CatalogThe KHK eCatalog is the installed version of the Web Catalog, which can be installed in your PC, for your convenience.

KHK CD Catalog 3012 矢印
KHK CD Catalog The CD catalog has useful functions, such as stock-gear search, strength calculations and automatic drawing. CAD data is also included and custom gear drawing systems are available!

KHK is a gear manufacturer in Japan
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Gear Technology Intelligence
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KHK is a gear manufacturer in Japan

KHK Gear World 矢印
Haguruma KunHello! I am Hagurma Boy and I will present useful info on gear technologies.
Very nice to meet you!

Gear Technology References 矢印
Gear Technical ReferenceWe have prepared several materials on the gear technology
as an aid for those who want to acquire knowledge about the mechanics of gears. Have a look at those materials for reference.
NEW! The ABC's of Gears C, a guide for practical use, is now avilable.!

The Use of Gears as a Machine Element 矢印
The examples of the use of gears are explained here by images and in PDF file format.

CAD Data Downloads 矢印
We have CAD Data on KHK Stock Gears. Please use them for your design purposes.

Q & A concerning Gears 矢印
Deals with FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) in Q&A style.
Those who wish to obtain information or some details - have a
look at those Q&A.

Gears for Small Robots 矢印
Gears for Small RobotsApplications of KHK gears in small robots, showing how compact and lightweight gears can actually be!

CAD Data 矢印
CAD data Here you can find CAD data for KHK stock gears. Download now and make the best use of our data.

Automatic Drawing of Custom Gears 矢印
Automatic designing of custom gearsYou can make the drawings of Custom Gears automatically
by inputting the required dimensional data without any difficulty.

Changes in Catalog Offering 矢印UPdate
Changes in speifications and dimensions have been made to improve product quality or for
safety's sake. Such changes are shown here in anti-chronological order.

KHK is a gear manufacturer in Japan
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KHK Stock Gears

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