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How to use KHK Web Catalog

KHK Web Catalog - Terms & Conditions

Download CAD data for KHK Stock Gears

KHK Web Catalog covers the entire KHK stock gears that we are now carrying.
They are: Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Racks and Pinions, Bevel Gears, Miter Gears, Worm Gears, Internal Gears, and Screw Gears.

KHK Web Catalog has unique functions that KHK print catalog does not have, i.e.
Selection Help
1. Search from Gear Strength

2. Search from Gear Specifications
3. Search from Product Photo
4. Search from Catalog No.

Downloading of 2D or 3D CAD data of KHK Stock Gears

Display of Drawings
Creating Drawings for KHK-Stock Gear -Modifications

Strength Calculations

You need to input only the application data (such as rpm, lubrication condition) to obtain the results.

KHK Web Catalog has also functions specifically for Custom Gears:
- to display drawings for Custom Gears for each type of gear (Spur, Miter, etc.)

- to download DXF Files

Select KHK Stock Gears by using the following 4 search functions
Search and select from the list of product photos
Search by Catalog Numbers
Search by designating required Strength Search by designating required specifications

Strength Calculations
The strength calculation of KHK Stock Gears can be made easily by using this function.

Strength Calculation
Click here to see detailed Info.

Creating Drawings for KHK-Stock Gear-Modification → Instructing HAGURUMA KOBO to modify KHK Stock Gears as per the Drawing.

Other Useful Technical References

The technical information on gears
Introduced here are "Introduction to Gears" which are made as an aid for the designer who is a beginner, and "Practical Information on Gears" made for the designer who is in active service. Here you can also review "KHK The ABCs of Gears" in PDF format consisting of A) the introductory course, B) the intermediate course, and C) the advanced course....Click here
tra References Gear Technology Information

Design Aid
Please utilize the following KHK computer-based system as design aid to save your time and expense:

Selection Help - enables you to select gears by using 4 search functions

Downloads - Downloading of 2D or 3D CAD data on KHK Stock Gears

- Display of Drawings Creating Drawings for KHK-Stock Gear-Modification use Creating Drawings for Custom Gears

Strength Calculations

Click here
tra Gear Design Assistances

Q & A concerning Gears
Deals with FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) in Q&A style. Those who wish to obtain information or some details.....Click here
tra FAQ on Gear Technology


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