KHK Stock Gears 3013

150SpurGearsHelicalGearsInternalGearsRacksCP Racks& PinionsMiterGearsBevelGearsScrewGearsWormGear PairBevelGearboxesOtherProductsStainless Steel Hubs for PSASUKBABCDEFGT8Catalog No.Partner ShapeBoreHub dia.Socket head screwFlange diameterFlange lengthHub widthTotal lengthAH7BNo. of threaded holeSizeCDEFGSUKB20030SUKB20046SUKB20066PSA2-32 or more PSA2-40 or more PSA2-50 or moreT8103046666M5425878516787102030SUKB25038SUKB25058SUKB25083PSA2.5-32 or morePSA2.5-40 or morePSA2.5-50 or moreT8123858836M6537398638310812.524.537SUKB30046SUKB30070SUKB30100PSA3-32 or morePSA3-40 or morePSA3-50 or moreT81546701006M8648811876100130153045■Material : SUS303[Caution on Product Characteristics]①The area where PSA Plastic Spur Gears are attached, with hub tolerance h7.②The friction coupling torques shown in the table are reference values calculated according to these set values; friction factors and fastening torques of the tapping screw.③Please refer to the assembly example below, and then attach the hub to the gear with the accessories, plain washers, spring washers and hexagon socket head cap screws.④In accordance with the fastening torque values shown in the dimension table, use a torque wrench and fasten hexagon socket head cap screws firmly, to attach the hub.⑤If a fastened hexagon socket head cap screw comes loose, the friction tightening torque values shown in the table can not be maintained. It is recommended to check the fasteners regularly and retighten when required.⑥For secure positioning, it is recommended to use dowel pins.■Features of Stainless Steel Hubs●This is an attached stainless steel hub with excellent rust resistance.●Perfectly matches with PSA Plastic Spur Gears, and suitable for food processing machinery. ●Ecient use of materials and superior cost performance for this product.■Friction Coupling Torque for Stainless Steel HubsFriction coupling torque, for Stainless Steel Hubs, is calculated from the frictional force generated by the fastening torque at the contact face of the gear and the stainless steel hub.Fastening Torque F(N) is calculated from the equation below. F=Friction Coupling Torque Tf(N・m) is calculated from the equation below. Tf=:Fastening torque (N) → The value obtained from the calculation above.:Friction factor at the contact face of the gear and the stainless steel hub → Set the value at 0.18:Pitch diameter of the threaded hole (mm) → Socket head screw size C shown in the dimension table:Number → No. of threaded holes shown in the dimension table.:Tightening torque (N・m) → Fastening torque shown in the dimension table.:Torque coecient → Set the value at 0.164:Nominal diameter (mm)→Socket head screw size shown in the dimension table (M5 = 5mm)Fμdwn・1000・TK・dF・μ・dw2000nTKdAssembly Completed!Assembly Completed!SUKB25058 Stainless Steel Hubs (This product)Hexagon socket head cap screws (Accessories)PSA2.5-40 Plastic Spur Gear(Purchased separately and modified)Spring washers (Accessories)Plain washers (Accessories)