KHK Stock Gears 3013

Steel Helical GearsModule 2、3SHGABCDEFS1Catalog No.ModuleNo. of teethDirectionof helixShapeBoreHub dia.Pitch dia. Outside dia.Face widthHub widthTotal lengthAH7BCDEFGSH2-15RSH2-15Lm215RLS1122431.0635.06251035SH2-20RSH2-20L20RLS1123241.4145.41251035SH2-30RSH2-30L30RLS1125062.1266.12251035SH2-40RSH2-40L40RLS1186082.8286.82251035SH2-60RSH2-60L60RLS11870124.23128.23251035SH2-90RSH2-90L90RLS118120186.35190.35251035SH3-15RSH3-15Lm315RLS1153646.5952.59351550SH3-20RSH3-20L20RLS1155062.1268.12351550SH3-30RSH3-30L30RLS1207093.1799.17351550SH3-40RSH3-40L40RLS12080124.23130.23351550SH3-60RSH3-60L60RLS120140186.35192.35351550[Caution on Product Characteristics]① The allowable torques shown in the table are calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see Page 165 for more details.② The backlash values shown in the table are the theoretical values for the backlash in the normal direction of a pair of identical gears in mesh.③ These gears produce axial thrust forces. See Page 167 for more details.④ Right handed and left handed helical gears in the same module are designed to mesh as a pair, but SH gears are not interchangeable with KHG type helical gears.*Above is for illustration purposes only and differs from actual tooth forms. To find more details, please see the section “4.3 Helical Gears” in sepa-rate technical reference book (Page 22).Normal ModuleTransverse Module178178SpecificationsPrecision gradeJIS grade N8 (JIS B1702-1: 1998)JIS grade 4 (JIS B1702: 1976) Referencesection of gearNormal planeGear teethStandard full depthTransversepressure angle20°Helix angle15°MaterialS45CHeat treatment ―Tooth hardness(less than 194HB)SpurGearsHelicalGearsInternalGearsRacksCP Racks& PinionsMiterGearsBevelGearsScrewGearsWormGear PairBevelGearboxesOtherProducts*For products not categorized in our KHK Stock Gear series, custom gear production services with short lead times is available. For details see Page 8.