KHK Stock Gears 3013

206SpurGearsHelicalGearsInternalGearsRacksCP Racks& PinionsMiterGearsBevelGearsScrewGearsWormGear PairBevelGearboxesOtherProductsBAπmπmCDSpecificationsPrecision gradeKHK R 001 grade 4Gear teethStandard full depthPressure angle20°MaterialS45CHeat treatment -Tooth hardness(less than 95HRB)RFCatalog No.ModuleNo. of teethShapeTotal lengthFace widthHeightHeight to pitch lineAllowable force (N)Allowable force (kgf)Weight(kg)ABCDBending strengthSurface durabilityBending strengthSurface durabilitySRAF1.5-1000SRAF2-1000SRAF2.5-1000SRAF3-1000SRAF4-1000m1.5m2m2.5m3m421216012810680RF999.031005.311005.31999.031005.311520253040152025304013.51822.527362160 38305990862015300421 775124018203330220 391611879156042.979.0127186339 1.59 2.84 4.44 6.35 11.4SRAF1.5-2000 SRAF2-2000 SRAF2.5-2000 SRAF3-2000 m1.5m2m2.5m34353262612172049.882048.312049.882045.17172025301720253015.51822.5272443 3833 5989 8624 421 775 1241 1821 249 391 611 879 43 79 127 186 4.24 5.79 9.05 13.0*SRAF・SRAFD・SRAFKModule 1.5~4Steel Racks with Machined EndsReasonably priced and have similar precision grade as SRF, allowing compact design.New! Square Racks are now available at low prices!Catalog No.● : J Series (Available-on-request)ModuleNo. of teethShapeTotal lengthFace widthHeightHeight to pitch lineMounting hole dimensionsNo. ofmounting holesMountingscrew sizeABCDEFG•SRAFK1.5-1000J•SRAFD2-1000J•SRAFD2.5-1000J•SRAFD3-1000J•SRAFD4-1000Jm1.5m2m2.5m3m421216012810680RARDRDRDRD999.031005.311005.31999.031005.311520253040152025304013.51822.52736579111549.5152.6552.6549.5152.651806M5M6M8M10M12*For products not categorized in our KHK Stock Gear series, custom gear production services with short lead times is available. For details see Page 8.① Please read “Caution on Performing Secondary Operations” (Page 192) when performing modifications and/or secondary operations for safety concerns. KHK Quick-Mod Gears, the KHK's system for quick modification of KHK stock gears is also available.② If gear tooth hardening, or thermal refining, is applied, the decarburization layer (approx. 0.5 mm thickness) on the rect-angular surfaces cannot have the hardness you designate.[Caution on Product Characteristics]① The allowable forces shown in the table are the calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see Page 189 for more details.② The backlash of racks differ depending on the size of the mating pinion. Please calculate the backlash from the backlash value of the mating pin-ion. Also, please refer to the data in the section called 'Backlash of Rack Tooth (Amount of Tooth Thinning)' on Page 191. [Caution on Secondary Operations]