KHK Stock Gears 3013

225■ Feature IconsRoHS Compliant ProductFinished ProductGround GearResin ProductInjection Molded ProductRe-machinableProductHeat Treated ProductStainless ProductCopper Alloy ProductBlack Oxide coat-ed Product(Example)Catalog Numbers of KHK stock gears are based on simple principles as follows. Please order KHK gears by specifying their Catalog Numbers.CP Racks & PinionsSpurGearsHelicalGearsInternalGearsRacksCP Racks& PinionsMiterGearsBevelGearsScrewGearsWormGear PairBevelGearboxesOtherProductsMaterialOther InformationSS45CFRacks with Machined EndsKSCM440DRacks with Bolt HolesSUSUS304KRacks with Drill HolesFSS400GGround RacksHRacks with induction hardened teethTypeRRacksRORound RacksTRTapered RacksCP Racks S R CP 5 - 100Total length (100mm)Circular pitch (5mm)Type (Rack)Material (S45C)KTSCP  Tapered PinionsCP5, 10Page 230CPSTRCPF・STRCPFD  Tapered RacksCP5, 10Page 230CPMSCPG   Ground Spur GearsCP5, 10Page 232CP Hardened Ground RacksMRGCPF・MRGCPFDSeriesCP5, 10Page 232Page 234CP Hardened Ground RacksSeriesKRGCPF-H・KRGCPFD-HCP5, 10KRGCP・KRGCPF・KRGCPD  Ground RacksCP5, 10Page 234CPSSCPGS Ground Spur Pinion ShaftsCP5, 10Page 236CPSSCPG  Ground Spur GearsCP5~20Page 236CPSRGCP・SRGCPF・SRGCPD  Ground RacksCP5~20Page 238CPSeries Hardened RacksKRCPF-H・KRCPFD-HSeriesPage 240CP5, 10 Hardened RacksSRCPF-H・SRCPFD-HPage 240CP5~20KSCP   Hardened Spur GearsCP5, 10Page 242CPKRCPF Thermal Rened RacksCP5, 10Page 242CPSSCP Steel Spur GearsCP2.5~20Page 244CPSRCP・SRCPF・SRCPFD  RacksCP2.5~20Page 246CPSUSCPCP5, 10Page 248CP Stainless Steel Spur GearsSURCPF・SURCPFD   Stainless Steel RacksCP5, 10Page 248CPSROCP  Round RacksCP2.5~10Page 250CPFRCP   Metal Flexible RacksCP5Page 250CPCatalog Number of KHK Stock Gears(Example)CPSeriesSeriesSeriesSeriesSeriesSeriesSeriesNewly addedNewly addedNewly addedNewNewCPCP