KHK Stock Gears 3013

232SpurGearsHelicalGearsInternalGearsRacksCP Racks& PinionsMiterGearsBevelGearsScrewGearsWormGear PairBevelGearboxesOtherProductsCircular Pitch 5、10MSCPGHardened Ground Spur Gears*[Caution on Product Characteristics]① Although the dimensions of the keyway are made to the JIS (Js9) tolerance, there may be some deviations due to the effects of heat treatment.② The allowable forces shown in the table are the calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see page 31 for more details.③ The backlash values shown in the table are the theoretical values when these gears and the MRGCPF Racks are in mesh.Catalog No.Pitch mm(Module)No. of teethProle shiftcoefcientMounting distanceShapeBoreHub dia.Pitch dia.Outside dia.Face widthHub widthTotal lengthAH7BCDEFGMSCPG5-20AMSCPG5-20BCP5(1.5915)20+0.42535S1K12152831.83 36.37 151530MSCPG5-25AMSCPG5-25B25+0.4383912153539.79 44.37MSCPG5-30AMSCPG5-30B30+0.4514315204047.75 52.37MSCPG5-40AMSCPG5-40BMSCPG5-40C40+0.478511520254563.6668.37MSCPG10-20AMSCPG10-20BCP10(3.1831)20+0.1116420255063.66 70.73302050MSCPG10-25AMSCPG10-25B25+0.1247225306079.5886.73MSCPG10-30AMSCPG10-30B30+0.1378030407095.49 102.73 MSCPG10-40AMSCPG10-40B40+0.16496304070127.32134.73Circular Pitch 5、10MRGCPF・MRGCPFDBCDACPCPGGGGGRFCP*"The strongest in carburized racks! With the highest positioning accuracy in ground racks! Top quality from KHK’s best technology."New! Best Ever Carburized Racks!Hardened Ground RacksCPABCDGEFGGGGJS1K*Designed with positive partial transposition and to have an integral value (mm) for the mounting distance, so both strength and usability are enhanced.SpecificationsPrecision gradeJIS grade N5 (JIS B1702-1: 1998)JIS grade 1 (JIS B1702: 1976) Gear teethStandard full depthPressure angle20°MaterialSCM415Heat treatment Overall carburizingTooth hardness55~60HRCSpecificationsPrecision gradeKHK R 001 grade 1Gear teethStandard full depthPressure angle20°MaterialSCM415Heat treatment Tooth hardness55~60HRC* The precision grade of J Series products is equivalent to the value shown in the table.Catalog No.Pitch mm(Module)No. of teethShapeTotal lengthFace widthHeightHeight to pitch lineAllowable force (N)Allowable force (kgf)Weight(kg)ABCDBending strengthSurface durabilityBending strengthSurface durabilityMRGCPF5-500MRGCPF10-500CP5(1.5915)CP10(3.1831)10050RF5001530203518.4131.82538021500500020100548219050920501.083.75Catalog No.● : J Series (Available-on-request)Pitch mm(Module)No. of teethShapeTotal lengthFace widthHeightHeight to pitch lineMounting hole dimensionsNo. ofmounting holesMountingscrew sizeABCDEFG•MRGCPFD5-500J•MRGCPFD10-500JCP5(1.5915)CP10(3.1831)10050RD5001530203518.4131.82814251504M5M10[Caution on Product Characteristics]① The allowable forces shown in the table are the calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see Page 227 for more details.② The backlash of racks differ depending on the size of the mating pinion. Please calculate the backlash from the backlash value of the mating pinion. Also, please refer to the data in the section called 'Backlash of Rack Tooth (Amount of Tooth Thinning)' on Page 191. [Caution on Secondary Operations]① Please read “Caution on Performing Secondary Operations” (Page 228) when performing modifications and/or secondary operations for safety con-cerns. KHK Quick-Mod Gears, the KHK's system for quick modification of KHK stock gears is also available.② In the illustration, the area surrounded with— - - — line is masked during the carburization process and can be modified. However, the end faces on both sides do not have an anti-carburization coating on the taped holes, otherwise they could not be machined.