KHK Stock Gears 3013

248SpurGearsHelicalGearsInternalGearsRacksCP Racks& PinionsMiterGearsBevelGearsScrewGearsWormGear PairBevelGearboxesOtherProducts  Stainless Steel Spur GearsCircular Pitch 5、10SUSCPGABCDEFS1  Stainless Steel RacksCircular Pitch 5、10SURCPF・SURCPFDCBDCPCPARFCatalog No.• : J Series (Available-on-request)Pitch mm(Module)No. of teethShapeTotal lengthFace widthHeightHeight to pitch lineMounting hole dimensionsNo. ofmounting holesMountingscrew sizeABCDEFG•SURCPFD5-500JSURCPFD5-1000CP5(1.5915)100200RD5001000152018.418255015018046M5•SURCPFD10-500JSURCPFD10-1000CP10(3.1831)501005001000303531.8214255015018046M10CPCPCatalog No.Pitch mm(Module)No. of teethShapeTotal lengthFace widthHeightHeight to pitch lineAllowable force (N)Allowable force (kgf)Weight(kg)ABCDBending strengthSurface durabilityBending strengthSurface durabilitySURCPF5-500SURCPF5-1000CP5(1.5915)100200RF5001000152018.41 109026311126.8 1.08 2.16SURCPF10-500SURCPF10-1000CP10(3.1831)50100RF5001000303531.82 43701050445 107 3.737.46[Caution on Product Characteristics]① The allowable torques shown in the table are the calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see Page 227 for more details.② The backlash values shown in the table are the theoretical values when these gears and SURCPF Racks are in mesh.[Caution on Secondary Operations]① Please read “Caution on Performing Secondary Operations” (Page 228) when performing modifications and/or secondary operations for safety concerns. KHK Quick-Mod Gears, the KHK's system for quick modification of KHK stock gears is also available.② Avoid performing secondary operations that narrow the tooth width. as it affects precision and strength.[Caution on Product Characteristics]① The allowable forces shown in the table are the calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see Page 227 for more details.② Backlash of racks vary depending on mating pinions. Please calculate the backlash in accordance with the backlash of the mating pinion and values in the table "Backlash of Rack Tooth (Amount of Tooth-Thinning)" (Page 191).③ For products made of stainless steel, heat treatment* and passivation ** solutions are applied. Passivation is a rust-resis-tance treatment, but it is not effective on the machined surface and not a totally rustproof solution.  *Heat Treatment Solution  Heat treatment by the carbon formed on the surface during blank manufacturing is made to infiltrate the material interior. **Passivation  Immersion of the metal in a nitric acid solution to make it more rust-resistant.④ After attaching the racks to the base, please fasten with dowel pins. Clamping only with mounting screws could possibly cause the screws to be broken, due to a heavy load.SpecificationsPrecision gradeKHK R 001 grade 5Gear teethStandard full depthPressure angle20°MaterialSUS304Heat treatment Solution heat treatmentTooth hardness(less than 187HB)SpecificationsPrecision gradeJIS grade N8 (JIS B1702-1: 1998)*JIS grade 4 (JIS B1702: 1976) Gear teethStandard full depthPressure angle20°MaterialSUS303Heat treatment ―Tooth hardness(less than 187HB)PitchCP5CP10Face width (E)1530Hub width (F)1520Total length (G)3050Screw offset (J)7.510Catalog No.Pitch mm(Module)No. of teethShapeBoreHub dia.Pitch dia.Outside dia.Distance traveledin one turn (mm)Allowable torque (N·m)Allowable torque (kgf·m)Backlash(mm)Weight(kg)AH7BCDBending strengthSurface durabilityBending strengthSurface durability* The precision grade of J Series products is equivalent to the value shown in the table.SUSCP5-20CP5(1.5915)20S182531.8335.0110013.7 2.50 1.40 0.25 0.09~0.260.14 SUSCP5-2525103239.7842.9712518.5 4.31 1.89 0.44 0.22 SUSCP5-3030103847.7450.9315023.4 6.72 2.39 0.68 0.32 SUSCP10-20CP10(3.1831)20155063.6670.03200110 21.9 11.2 2.23 0.14~0.360.98 SUSCP10-2525206079.5785.94250148 37.4 15.1 3.82 1.48 SUSCP10-3030207595.49101.8630018758.0 19.15.92 2.24