KHK Stock Gears 3013

MMSGGround Spiral Miter Gearsm2~4Page 256SMSGGround Spiral Miter Gearsm1~5Page 258MMSA・MMSBFinished Bore Spiral Miter Gearsm1~10Page 260MMSSpiral Miter Gearsm2~5Page 262SMSSpiral Miter Gearsm1~8Page 264SMZGGround Zerol Miter Gearsm2~3Page 266SMA・SMB・SMCFinished Bore Miter Gearsm1~8Page 268MMCarburized & Hardened Miter Gearsm2~5Page 270LMSintered Metal Miter Gearsm0.8~1.5Page 270SMSteel Miter Gearsm1~8Page 272SAMAngular Miter Gearsm1.5~3Page 274SUMStainless Steel Miter Gearsm1~4Page 276SUMAFinished Bore Stainless Steel Miter Gearsm1~4Page 276PMPlastic Miter Gearsm1~4Page 278DMInjection Molded Miter Gearsm0.5~1.5Page 278BBSintered Metal Bushingsφ5~8Page 279Nissei KSPGround Spiral Miter Gearsm1.5~6Page 318251Miter GearsMiter GearsM MS G 2 - 20 RCatalog Number of KHK Stock GearsThe Catalog Number for KHK stock gears is based on the simple formula listed below. Please order KHK gears by specifying the Catalog Numbers.(Example)SpurGearsHelicalGearsInternalGearsRacksCP Racks& PinionsMiterGearsBevelGearsScrewGearsWormGear PairBevelGearboxesOtherProductsMaterialTypeSS45CMStraight Miter GearsMSCM415MSSpiral Miter GearsSUSUS303AMAngular Miter GearsLSMF5040PMC901Other InformationDDURACONGGround GearsDirection of Spiral ( R )No. of teeth (20)Module (2)Others (Ground Gear)Type (Spiral Miter Gear)Material (SCM415)■ Feature IconsRoHS Compliant ProductFinished ProductGround GearResin ProductInjection Molded ProductRe-machinableProductHeat Treated ProductStainless ProductCopper Alloy ProductBlack Oxide coat-ed ProductSeriesNewly addedNewly addedSeries