KHK Stock Gears 3013

266SpurGearsHelicalGearsInternalGearsRacksCP Racks& PinionsMiterGearsBevelGearsScrewGearsWormGear PairBevelGearboxesOtherProductsEasyManyNormalNormalBadNormalLowEasyManyGoodNormalGoodLowNormalDifcultNoneGoodStrongGoodLowNormalGear TypeBearing Design*InterchangeabilityMounting DistancePrecisionJIS B 1704StrengthBending StrengthDurabilitySurface DurabilityNoise/VibrationSurface Roughness/Total Contact RatioPrice for single itemNo thrust force produced inward SUM、PM、SMZG grade 37.13N・m0.72N・m3.2a/1.62No thrust force produced inward SM、SUM、PM grade 27.76N・m4.40N・m0.4a/1.74Thrust force produced inward ー grade 215.6N・m21.7N・m0.4a/2.49○○△△×△◎○○○△○○△△×○○◎○△Ground Zerol Miter Gears SMZGIABCDKJHGFEGB3Catalog No.Gear ratioModuleNo. of teethHelix angleDirectionof spiralShapeBoreHub dia.Pitch dia.Outside dia.Mounting distanceTotal lengthCrown to back lengthABCDEFGSMZG2-20RSMZG2-20L1m2205°RLB312344043.323724.6918.66SMZG2.5-20RSMZG2.5-20Lm2.5205°RLB314425054.164832.3425.08SMZG3-20RSMZG3-20Lm3205°RLB316506064.895839.5230.45Module 2~3SpecificationsPrecision gradeJIS B 1704 : 1978 grade 2Gear teethGleasonPressure angle20°MaterialS45CHeat treatment Teeth induction hardenedTooth hardness50~60HRC[Caution on Product Characteristics]①A set of miter gears must be identical in module and number of teeth, but opposite in spiral hands.②Allowable torques shown in the table are the calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see page 253 for more details.③Dimensions of the outside diameter, the overall length and crown to back length are all theoretical values, and some dif-ferences will occur due to the corner chamfering of the gear tips.④It produces an axial thrust force, which has the same direction as straight bevel gears. For details, see separate technical reference book (Page 108).SMZG2-20R/LGround Zerol Miter GearsSM2-20MMSG2-20R/LGround Spiral Miter GearsLRNOTE: The above evaluations were based on a comparison of 3 products.■Features of Zerol Miter Gears Zerol Miter Gears are spiral miter gears with a helix angle of less than 10 degree. Balanced, and superior performance as they combine the features of straight / spiral bevel gears.●Allows compact design as no inward thrust force (*Reference to the gure) is produced, which causes problems when using spiral miter gears.●Unlike straight miter gears, Zerol Miter Gears can be ground nished, allowing higher precision, wear-resistance and are quieter, compared with straight miter gears.●Drop in replacement for SM Miter Gears can easily be made due to the gears have similar dimensions for the mounting distance. When replacing, please use a set of zerol miter gears with opposite spiral hands, one right-hand and the other left-hand.■Performance ComparisonMiter Gears