KHK Stock Gears 3013

Thank you for using KHK gear products, and we appreciate your selection of our products. Hav-ing expanded the J Series with about 5000 congurations, we are proud to introduce the publi-cation of our new master catalog KHK3013, which includes dimension tables in a new style that is much more convenient and easy to use. We hope it will be a handy guide and gear reference, as well as a product catalog. KHK’s mission is to oer quality products that builds Customer Trust and Satisfaction. We keep striving to build a corporate system that is highly appreciated and we hope, you are customers, will continue to select and use KHK products with pride and satisfaction. Spur GearsHelical GearsInternal GearsRacksCP Racks & PinionsMiter GearsBevel GearsScrew GearsWorm Gear PairGearboxesOther ProductsKHK InformationInformationIndexP1 ~ 28P29 ~ 162P163 ~ 180P181 ~ 186P187 ~ 224P225 ~ 250P251 ~ 280P281 ~ 324P325 ~ 338P339 ~ 394P395 ~ 410P411 ~ 427P429 ~ 4421 More Convenient and Easy to UseKohara Gear Industry Co.,Ltd.Toshiharu Kohara, President