KHK Stock Gears 3013

■Feature IconsRoHS Compliant ProductFinished ProductGround GearResin ProductInjection Molded ProductRe-machinableProductHeat Treated ProductStainless ProductCopper Alloy ProductBlack Oxide coat-ed Product29(Example)Spur GearsCatalog Number of KHK Stock GearsThe Catalog Number for KHK stock gears is based on the simple formula listed below. Please order KHK gears by specifying the Catalog Numbers.SpurGearsHelicalGearsInternalGearsRacksCP Racks& PinionsMiterGearsBevelGearsScrewGearsWormGear PairBevelGearboxesOtherProducts Spur Gears S S G 1 - 15MSGA・MSGBGround Spur Gearsm1~4Page 34SSGSGround Spur Pinion Shaftsm1.5~3Page 46SSGGround Spur Gearsm0.5~6Page 48SSSSpur Pinion Shaftsm0.5~3Page 62SSSteel Spur Gearsm0.5~10Page 64SeriesSSASteel Hubless Spur Gearsm1~5Page 96SSYSteel Thin Face Spur Gearsm0.8, 1Page 102SSAYSteel Hubless Thin Face Spur Gearsm1Page 106SSAY/KSpur Gears with Built-In Clampsm0.8, 1Page 108LSSintered Metal Spur Gearsm0.5, 0.8Page 112SUS・SUSAStainless Steel Spur Gearsm1~4Page 114SeriesSUSLStainless Steel Fairloc Hub Spur Gearsm0.5~1Page 120DSLAcetal Fairloc Hub Spur Gearsm0.5~1Page 124NSUPlastic Spur Gears with Steel Corem1~3Page 128PUPlastic Spur Gears with Stainless Steel Corem1~2Page 138PS・PSAPlastic Spur Gearsm1~3Page 140SeriesSUKBφ30~100Page 150Stainless Steel HubsDSInjection Molded Spur Gearsm0.5~1Page 152BBSintered Metal Bushingsφ5~8Page 154BSSBrass Spur Gearsm0.5~1Page 156SSRSteel Ring Gears(Spur Gears)m2~3Page 162No. of Teeth (15)Module (1)Others (Ground Gear)Type (Spur Gear)Material (S45C)MaterialTypeSS45CSSpur GearsMSCM415SUSUS303Other InformationPMC901AHubless GearsNMC602-STGGround GearsDDURACONLFairloc Hub GearsBSFree-Cutting Brass C3604RRing GearsLSMF5040SPinion ShaftsUPlastic Gears with Steel CoreYThin Face GearsNewly addedSeriesSeriesSeriesNewly addedNewly addedSeries