KHK Stock Gears 3013

314SpurGearsHelicalGearsInternalGearsRacksCP Racks& PinionsMiterGearsBevelGearsScrewGearsWormGear PairBevelGearboxesOtherProductsInjection Molded Bevel GearsModule 0.5~1DBSpecificationsPrecision gradeJIS B 1704 : 1978 grade 6Gear teethGleasonPressure angle20°MaterialDuracon(M90-44)Heat treatment ―Tooth hardness(110~120HRR)EFGHABDJB1Sintered Metal BushingsBBLDdT8The table shows a series of standard metal bushings that can be pressed into standard Injection Molded Gears. They can be used as bearing metal on idler gears or to reduce the bore of the gears.Material : Oil impregnated sintered bronze.+0.02 0 +0.02-0.01 0-0.01Catalog No.Gear ratioModuleNo. of teethShapeBoreHub dia.Pitch dia.Outside dia.Mounting distanceTotal lengthCrown to back lengthABCDEFGDB0.5-4020DB0.5-20402m0.54020B9B143128201020.2911.212168.338.467.296.3DB0.8-4020DB0.8-2040m0.84020B9B1541512321632.4717.92182411.9111.510.478.48DB1-4020DB1-2040m14020B9B1651815402040.5922.4223014.4514.4912.5910.6Catalog No.I.D. of bushingO.D. of bushingLengthProducts that canuse the bushingdDLBB30507BB406123456712DB0.8DB1+0.02 0 +0.02-0.01 0-0.3[Caution on Product Characteristics]① The allowable torques shown in the table are the calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see page 283 for more details.② The bore tolerance is generally -0.05 to -0.3 but may be + values at the central portion of the hole.③ To find the dimensional tolerance of these gears, please see the Dimensional Tolerance Table.Sintered Metal Bushings