[Ground Spur Gears (MSGA·MSGB)] Series list   
Precision grade JIS B 1702-1 grade N5 (*1) Surface hardness HRC55 - 60
Gear teeth Standard full depth Surface treatment -
Pressure angle 20° Surface finish Ground
Material SCM415 Datum reference surface for teeth griding Bore (H7)
Heat treatment Overall carburizing Modifications Not possible
(*1) Old JIS B 1702 grade 1
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Catalog No.
No. of teeth
Shape Bore
Hub dia.
Pitch dia.
Outside dia.
Face width
Hub Width
Total length
Web thickness
Rim O.D.
Key width Key depth Allowable torque(kgf·m)
Bending strength
Allowable torque(kgf·m)
Surface durability
Backlash low
Backlash up
Unit Price
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1.548S116407275151025  52.315.818. 
1.548S120407275151025  62.815.818. 
1.550S118407578151025  62.816.619. 
1.550S122407578151025  62.816.619. 
1.555S1204582.585.5151025  62.818.624. 
1.555S1254582.585.5151025  83.318.624. 
1.560S120459093151025  62.820.628. 
1.560S125459093151025  83.320.628. 
1.570S12045105108151025  62.823.638. 
1.570S12545105108151025  83.323.638. 
1.580S12045120123151025  62.827.550. 
1.580S12545120123151025  83.327.550. 
1.5100S12550150153151025  83.335.480. 
1.5100S13050150153151025  83.335.480. 
215S112243034201030  41.87.463.640.100.200.12 
215S115243034201030  52.37.463.640.100.200.10 
218S112303640201030  41.89.915.460.100.200.19 
218S115303640201030  52.39.915.460.100.200.17 
220S115324044201030  52.311.66.890.100.200.22 
220S118324044201030  62.811.66.890.100.200.20 
224S115354852201030  52.315. 
224S118354852201030  62.815. 
225S116355054201030  52.316. 
225S120355054201030  62.816. 
230S118406064201030  62.820.516. 
230S122406064201030  62.820.516. 
235S118407074201030  62.825. 
235S122407074201030  62.825. 
236S118407276201030  62.82624. 
236S122407276201030  62.82624. 
240S120458084201030  62.829.730. 
240S125458084201030  83.329.730. 
245S120459094201030  62.834.538. 
245S125459094201030  83.334.538. 
248S1225096100201030  62.835.641. 
248S1285096100201030  83.335.641. 
250S12250100104201030  62.837.445. 
250S12850100104201030  83.337.445. 
255S12555110114201030  83.342. 
255S13055110114201030  83.342. 
260S12555120124201030  83.346.667. 
260S13055120124201030  83.346.667. 
270S12555140144201030  83.355.892. 
270S13055140144201030  83.355.892. 
280S13060160164201030  83.362.21170.140.242.55 
280S13560160164201030  103.362.21170.140.242.49 
2100S13580200204201030  103.380.11860.140.244.16 
2100S14080200204201030  123.380.11860.140.244.09 
2.515S1153037.542.5251237  52.314. 
2.515S1183037.542.5251237  62.814. 
Product Precautions
[Caution on Product Characteristics]  ①Although the dimensions of the keyway are made to the JIS (Js9) tolerance, there may be some deviations due to the effects of heat treatment.
 ②The allowable torques shown in the table are calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see Selection Hints for more details.
 ③The backlash values shown in the table are the theoretical values for the backlash in the normal direction of a pair of identical gears in mesh.
 ④Products marked with “**” in their catalog numbers, have a thin gap between the keyway and the gear root surface. So, thickness must be considered when using. For details, please see the section “Selection Hints”.

[Caution on Secondary Operations]  ①No secondary operations can be performed on these precision finished gears due to applied carburizing process. For products which are different in specifications, such as bore size, we accept custom-made gear orders and provide a price quote.
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