[Steel, Spur Gears (SS)] Series list   
Precision grade JIS B 1702-1 grade N8 (*1) Surface hardness (less than HB194)
Gear teeth Standard full depth Surface treatment Black oxide (*2)
Pressure angle 20° Surface finish Cut
Material S45C Datum reference surface for teeth cutting Bore (H7)
Heat treatment - Modifications Possible
(*1) Old JIS B 1702 grade 4 ·Product accuracy class having a module less than 0.8 corresponds to 'equivalent' as shown in the table.・Precision grade of J Series products corresponds to an 'equivalent'.(*2)For J Serious products, without black oxide repeatedly applied on secondary-operated parts.
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Catalog No.
No. of teeth
Shape Bore
Hub dia.
Pitch dia.
Outside dia.
Face width
Hub Width
Total length
Web thickness
Rim O.D.
Key width Key depth Socket head screw
Socket head screw
Allowable torque(kgf·m)
Bending strength
Allowable torque(kgf·m)
Surface durability
Backlash low
Backlash up
Unit Price
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Prices of J Series Products
Prices of J Series Products
Prices of J Series Products
0.515S3T38.57.58.551116    M32.50.0470.002200.100.0056    
0.516S3T398951116    M32.50.0520.002500.100.0064    
0.517S3T39.58.59.551116    M32.50.0570.002900.100.0073    
0.518S3T41091051116    M32.50.0630.003300.100.0076    
0.519S3T410.59.510.551116    M32.50.0680.003600.100.0085    
0.520S3T311101151116    M32.50.0730.004100.100.010    
0.520S3T411101151116    M32.50.0730.004100.100.0095    
0.521S3T411.510.511.551116    M32.50.0790.004500.100.011    
0.522S3T412111251116    M32.50.0840.005000.100.012    
0.523S3T412.511.512.551116    M32.50.0900.005500.100.013    
0.524S3T413121351116    M32.50.0950.006000.100.014    
0.524S3T513121351116    M430.0950.006000.100.013    
0.525S3T413.512.513.551116    M32.50.100.006500.100.015    
0.525S3T513.512.513.551116    M430.100.006500.100.014    
0.526S3T414131451116    M32.50.110.007100.100.017    
0.527S3T414.513.514.551116    M32.50.110.007600.100.018    
0.528S1T41214155712    M33.50.120.008200.100.011    
0.529S1T41214.515.55712    M33.50.120.008800.100.011    
0.530S1T41315165712    M33.50.130.009500.100.013    
0.530S1T51315165712    M43.50.130.009500.100.012    
0.530S1T61315165712    M43.50.130.009500.100.011    
0.532S1T51416175712    M43.50.140.01100.100.014    
0.534S1T51517185712    M43.50.150.01200.100.016    
0.535S1T51517.518.55712    M43.50.160.01300.100.017    
0.536S1T51618195712    M43.50.160.01400.100.019    
0.538S1T51619205712    M43.50.180.01500.100.020    
0.540S1T51820215712    M43.50.190.01700.100.024    
0.540S1T61820215712    M43.50.190.01700.100.023    
0.542S1T51821225712    M43.50.200.01900.100.025    
0.544S1T52022235712    M43.50.210.02100.100.030    
0.545S1T52022.523.55712    M43.50.220.02200.100.030    
0.546S1T52023245712    M43.50.220.02300.100.031    
0.548S1T52224255712    M43.50.240.02500.100.036    
0.550S1T52225265712    M43.50.250.02700.100.038    
0.550S1T62225265712    M43.50.250.02700.100.037    
0.552S1T52226275712    M43.50.260.03000.100.039    
0.554S1T52527285712    M43.50.270.03200.100.047    
0.555S1T52527.528.55712    M43.50.280.03300.100.048    
0.556S1T52528295712    M43.50.280.03500.100.048    
0.558S1T52529305712    M43.50.300.03700.100.050    
0.560S1T62830315712    M43.50.310.04000.100.058    
0.560S1T82830315712    M53.50.310.04000.100.055    
0.562S1T62831325712    M43.50.320.04300.100.060    
0.564S1T62832335712    M43.50.330.04600.100.062    
0.565S1T62832.533.55712    M43.50.340.04800.100.063    
0.566S1T62833345712    M43.50.350.04900.100.064    
0.568S1T62834355712    M43.50.360.05200.100.066    
0.570S1T62835365712    M43.50.370.05600.100.068    
0.570S1T82835365712    M53.50.370.05600.100.065    
0.572S1T62836375712    M43.50.380.05900.100.070    
0.575S1T62837.538.55712    M43.50.400.06400.100.074    
0.576S1T62838395712    M43.50.410.06600.100.075    
0.580S1T62840415712    M43.50.430.07400.100.079    
0.580S1T82840415712    M53.50.430.07400.100.077    
0.584S1T82842435712    M53.50.460.08200.100.082    
0.585S1T82842.543.55712    M53.50.460.08400.100.083    
0.588S1T82844455712    M53.50.480.09000.100.087    
0.590S1T82845465712    M53.50.490.09500.100.090    
0.595S1T82847.548.55712    M53.50.530.1100.100.097    
0.596S1T82848495712    M53.50.530.1100.100.099    
0.5100S1T82850515712    M53.50.560.1200.100.10    
0.5105S1T82852.553.55712    M53.50.590.1300.100.11    
0.5110S1T82855565712    M53.50.620.1400.100.12    
0.5115S1T82857.558.55712    M53.50.650.1600.100.13    
0.5120S1T82860615712    M53.50.680.1700.100.14    
0.815S3T513.61213.681422    M43.50.190.009000.100.019    
0.816S3T514.412.814.481422    M43.50.210.01000.100.022    
0.817S3T515.213.615.281422    M43.50.230.01200.100.025    
0.818S3T51614.41681422    M43.50.260.01300.100.028    
0.819S1T51215.216.88816    M440.280.01500.100.016    
0.820S1T5131617.68816    M440.300.01700.100.018    
0.820S1T6131617.68816    M440.300.01700.100.017    
0.821S1T61416.818.48816    M440.320.01900.100.020    
0.822S1T61517.619.28816    M440.340.02100.100.022    
0.823S1T61518.4208816    M440.370.02300.100.024    
0.824S1T51619.220.88816    M440.390.02500.100.028    
0.824S1T61619.220.88816    M440.390.02500.100.027    
0.825S1T5162021.68816    M440.410.02700.100.029    
0.825S1T6162021.68816    M440.410.02700.100.028    
0.826S1T61820.822.48816    M440.440.03000.100.033    
0.827S1T61821.623.28816    M440.460.03200.100.035    
0.828S1T61822.4248816    M440.480.03500.100.037    
0.829S1T62023.224.88816    M440.510.03700.100.042    
0.830S1T5202425.68816    M440.530.04000.100.045    
0.830S1T6202425.68816    M440.530.04000.100.044    
0.830S1T8202425.68816    M540.530.04000.100.041    
0.832S1T62225.627.28816    M440.580.04600.100.052    
0.834S1T62227.228.88816    M440.620.05200.100.056    
0.835S1T6252829.68816    M440.650.05600.100.065    
0.836S1T62528.830.48816    M440.670.05900.100.067    
0.838S1T62530.4328816    M440.720.06600.100.072    
0.840S1T6283233.68816    M440.770.07400.100.085    
0.840S1T8283233.68816    M540.770.07400.100.081    
0.842S1T62833.635.28816    M440.820.08200.100.090    
0.844S1T62835.236.88816    M440.870.09000.100.095    
0.845S1T6283637.68816    M440.890.09500.100.098    
0.846S1T62836.838.48816    M440.920.09900.100.10    
0.848S1T62838.4408816    M440.970.1100.100.11    
0.850S1T6284041.68816    M441.020.1200.100.11    
0.850S1T8284041.68816    M541.020.1200.100.11    
Product Precautions
[Precaution on J Series Products]  ①Since J series are available-on-request products, it requires a lead-time within 2 working-days (excludes the day ordered), after placing an order. Number of products we can handle for one order is 1 to 20 units. In case of ordering products over 20 units, we shall submit a quote.
 ② products which would otherwise have a very long tapped hole are conterbored to reduce the length of the tap. (Products marked with “ * “ are the tap size). Areas of those products which have been re-worked are not black oxide coated.

[Caution on Product Characteristics]  ①Keyways are made according to JIS B1301 standards and Js 9 tolerance. For products with a tapped hole, a set screw is included as an accessory.
 ②The allowable torques shown in the table are calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see Selection Hints for more details.
 ③The backlash values shown in the table are the theoretical values for the backlash in the normal direction of a pair of identical gears in mesh.
 ④If the bore size is less thanφ4, the tolerance class is H8. If the bore size is φ5 orφ6, and the hole length exceeds 3 times of the bore size, the class is also H8.
 ⑤The use of S1T, S1T2 and S3T shaped Set Screws for fastening gears to a shaft is a method only applicable to gears for light loads. For secure fastening, please use dowel pins in combination.

[Caution on Secondary Operations]  ①Please read “Cautions on Performing Secondary Operations” when performing modification and/or secondary operations for safety concerns. Haguruma Kobo, the KHK's system for quick modification of KHK stock gears is also available.
 ②Avoid performing secondary operations that narrow the tooth width. as it affects precision and strength.
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