[CP Round Racks (SROCP)] Series list   
Precision grade KHK R 001 grade 4 Surface hardness (less than HRB95)
Gear teeth Standard full depth Surface treatment Black oxide
Pressure angle 20° surface finish Cut
Material S45C Datum reference surface for teeth cutting -
Heat treatment - Modifications Possible
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Catalog No.
Pitch mm(m) Effective No. of teeth Shape Total length
Outside dia.
d h9
Height to pitch line
Allowable force(kgf)
Bending strength
Allowable force(kgf)
Surface durability
Unit Price
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CP5 (1.5915)99R25051513.4116933.10.65 
Product Precautions
[Caution on Product Characteristics]  ①The allowable forces shown in the table are the calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see page precaution for more details.
 ②The backlash value of a rack is calculated from the addition of 1/2 the backlash of the mating pinion and the value shown in the table“Backlash of Amount of Tooth Thinning”.

[Caution on Secondary Operations]  ①Please read “Cautions on Performing Secondary Operations”when performing modification and/or secondary operations of CP Racks & Pinion. Haguruma Kobo, the KHK's system for quick modification of KHK stock gears is also available.
 ②Please avoid gear tooth hardening of Round Racks. It causes contortion and deformation, and straightening processes can hardly be applied.
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