[Spiral Miter Gears (MMS)] Series list   
Precision grade JIS B 1704:1978 grade 4 Surface hardness HRC55 - 60
Gear teeth Gleason Surface treatment Black oxide
Pressure angle 20° Surface finish Cut
Helix angle 35° Datum reference surface for teeth cutting Bore (H7)
Material SCM415 Modifications The masked areas of carburized parts can be modified.
Heat treatment Carburized.(*1)    
(*1) Bore and Hub Dia. Are machinable due to masking carburization
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Catalog No.
Number of Teeth
Hand of thread Shape Bore
Hub dia.
Pitch dia.
Outside dia.
Mounting distance
Total length
Crown to back length
Hub width
Length of bore
Face width
Holding surface dia.
Allowable torque(kgf·m)
Bending strength
Allowable torque(kgf·m)
Surface durability
Backlash low
Backlash up
Unit Price
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220RB312344042.313522.1416.151220924.541.731.760.060.160.13 MMS2-20L
220LB312344042.313522.1416.151220924.541.731.760.060.160.13 MMS2-20R
2.520RB315425053.24528.6321.616261130.893.343.440.070.170.26 MMS2.5-20L
2.520LB315425053.24528.6321.616261130.893.343.440.070.170.26 MMS2.5-20R
320RB316526063.995030.7821.9916271434.45.986. MMS3-20L
320LB316526063.995030.7821.9916271434.45.986. MMS3-20R
420RB320658084.996539.1327.517.5351849.0813.914. MMS4-20L
420LB320658084.996539.1327.517.5351849.0813.914. MMS4-20R
520RB32585100106.257542.9928.1317.5382360.9527.529.40.140.341.65 MMS5-20L
520LB32585100106.257542.9928.1317.5382360.9527.529.40.140.341.65 MMS5-20R
225RB312455052.44024.1916.212.5211228.062.963.700.060.160.25 MMS2-25L
225LB312455052.44024.1916.212.5211228.062.963.700.060.160.25 MMS2-25R
2.525RB3165562.565.545030.2420.2715271536.575.797.320.070.170.47 MMS2.5-25L
2.525LB3165562.565.545030.2420.2715271536.575.797.320.070.170.47 MMS2.5-25R
325RB320657578.776037.5724.3917.5332039.4310.613. MMS3-25L
325LB320657578.776037.5724.3917.5332039.4310.613. MMS3-25R
425RB32585100104.78049.1432.3522.5442557.2924.331. MMS4-25L
425LB32585100104.78049.1432.3522.5442557.2924.331. MMS4-25R
525RB328100125130.8610060.5940.4325503065.1546.360.70.140.343.39 MMS5-25L
525LB328100125130.8610060.5940.4325503065.1546.360.70.140.343.39 MMS5-25R
230RB312456062.425029.2721.2112.5251236.064.325.820.060.160.37 MMS2-30L
230LB312456062.425029.2721.2112.5251236.064.325.820.060.160.37 MMS2-30R
2.530RB316607578.046236.0826.0217321547.578.4411. MMS2.5-30L
2.530LB316607578.046236.0826.0217321547.578.4411. MMS2.5-30R
330RB320709093.617545.2531.820402053.4315.621. MMS3-30L
330LB320709093.617545.2531.820402053.4315.621. MMS3-30R
430RB328100120124.719554.2837.3525502579.2935.549. MMS4-30L
430LB328100120124.719554.2837.3525502579.2935.549. MMS4-30R
530RB328130150155.912068.247.9535623099.1567.596.00.140.346.44 MMS5-30L
530LB328130150155.912068.247.9535623099.1567.596.00.140.346.44 MMS5-30R
Product Precautions
[Caution on Product Characteristics]  ①A sets of miter gears must be identical in module and number of teeth, but opposite in spiral hands.
 ②The allowable torques shown in the table are calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see precaution for more details.
 ③Dimensions of the outside diameter, the overall length and crown to back length are all theoretical values, and some differences will occur due to the corner chamfering of the gear tips.
 ④These gears produce axial thrust forces. See precaution for more details.

[Caution on Secondary Operations]  ①Please read “Cautions on Performing Secondary Operations”when performing modification and/or secondary operations of Miter Gears. Haguruma Kobo, the KHK's system for quick modification of KHK stock gears is also available.
 ②In the illustration, the area surrounded with -- - - -- line is masked during the carburization process and can be modified. However, care should be exercised since the hardness is high (approx. HRC40, maximum).
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