[Plastic Bevel Gears (PB)] Series list   
Precision grade JIS B 1704:1978 grade 4 Surface hardness (HRR115 - 120)
Gear teeth Gleason Surface treatment -
Pressure angle 20° Surface finish Cut
Material MC901 Datum reference surface for teeth cutting Bore
Heat treatment - Modifications Possible
*Precision grade of this product corresponds to 'equivalent'.
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Catalog No.
Geer Ratio Module
Number of Teeth
Shape Bore
Hub dia.
Pitch dia.
Outside dia.
Mounting distance
Total length
Crown to back length
Hub width
Length of bore
Face width
Holding surface dia.
Allowable torque(kgf·m)
Bending strength
Backlash low
Backlash up
Unit Price
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1.51.530B410304546.242818.5313.93816927.370.1600.250.018 PB1.5-2030
1.51.520B38253033.133318.6311.548.8317917.050.08900.250.0093 PB1.5-3020
1.5230B410356061.654026.8721.2415231137.560.3700.260.039 PB2-2030
1.5220B310354044.184525.0616.3913.33221121.340.2000.260.024 PB2-3020
1.52.530B415457577.075034.2226.5518301545.610.7600.270.081 PB2.5-2030
1.52.520B312405055.225531.0619.2414.16281527.420.4100.270.042 PB2.5-3020
1.5330B415609092.485535.5626.8617311757.141.2800.280.14 PB3-2030
1.5320B315506066.277040.4827.0921.66371734.710.6900.280.082 PB3-3020
2140B48254040.592215.0712.59812626.580.07500.230.010 PB1-2040
2120B36162022.412813.788.671269.170.02800.230.0029 PB1-4020
21.2540B410325050.732718.5415.231016833.610.1500.240.021 PB1.25-2040
21.2520B38222528.013618.6611.7510.2517813.220.05800.240.0068 PB1.25-4020
21.540B410386060.883525.0120.8815221039.640.2700.250.039 PB1.5-2040
21.520B38253033.614625.5416.914.75241017.280.1000.250.013 PB1.5-4020
2240B412408081.174532.3726.1718271548.460.6900.260.076 PB2-2040
2220B312324044.816034.1621.218321520.920.2600.260.028 PB2-4020
22.540B41550100101.475539.7331.4720352060.281.3800.270.16 PB2.5-2040
22.520B312405056.017543.7826.522.5412024.560.5200.270.060 PB2.5-4020
2340B42060120121.766545.8536.7624382273.812.2900.280.25 PB3-2040
2320B316506067.229050.8131.827.5472229.610.8600.280.10 PB3-4020
31.545B4104067.568.062820.4417.5911171046.580.3200.250.040 PB1.5-1545
31.515B381822.526.544723.1913.9212.522.51014.750.07000.250.0061 PB1.5-4515
3245B412609090.754030.426.1217261559.040.8200.260.12 PB2-1545
3215B310243035.356029.815.8914291519.130.1800.260.014 PB2-4515
32.545B41560112.5113.435038.3532.6522352072.841.6600.270.20 PB2.5-1545
32.515B3123037.544.187538.4119.8617.5372020.510.3600.270.028 PB2.5-4515
3345B42080135136.125540.7434.1820352388.182.8100.280.35 PB3-1545
3315B315384553.029045.1723.8421.33432322.540.6000.280.050 PB3-4515
Product Precautions
[Caution on Product Characteristics]  ①Significant variations in temperature or humidity can cause dimensional changes in plastic gears (MC Nylon gears), for bore size (H8 when produced), teeth diameter, and backlash. Please see the section “Design of Plastic Gears” in the technical reference.
 ②The allowable torques shown in the table are calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see precaution for more details.
 ③Dimensions of the outside diameter, the overall length and crown to back length are all theoretical values, and some differences will occur due to the corner chamfering of the gear tips.
 ④Without lubrication, using plastic gears in pairs may generate heat and dilation.
It is recommended to mate steel gears.

[Caution on Secondary Operations]  ①Please read “Cautions on Performing Secondary Operations”when performing modification and/or secondary operations for safety concerns. Haguruma Kobo, the KHK's system for quick modification of KHK stock gears is also available.
 ②Plastic gears are susceptible to the effects of temperature and moisture. Dimensional changes may occur while performing secondary operations and during post-machining operations.
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