[Steel Worms (SW)] Series list    mating gears :  Worm Gears (DG) Worms, Plastic Worm Gears (PG) Worms, Gray Iron Worm Gears (CG) Bronze Worm Gears (BG)
Precision grade KHK W 001 grade 4 Surface hardness (less than HB194)
Reference section of gear Normal plane Surface treatment Black oxide (*1)
Gear teeth Standard full depth Surface finish Cut( Thread rolled)
Material S45C Datum reference surface for teeth cutting Bore (H7)
Heat treatment - Modifications Possible
*Precision grade of J Series products corresponds to an 'equivalent'.(*1)For J Serious products, without black oxide repeatedly applied on secondary-operated parts.
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Catalog No.
Normal plane
Normal pressure angle Number of start Nominal Lead Angle Hand of thread Shape Bore
Hub dia.
Pitch dia.
Outside dia.
Face width
Hub width (R)
Hub width (L)
Total length
Key width Key depth Screw
Unit Price
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Prices of J Series Products
Prices of J Series Products
Prices of J Series Products
0.520°12°36′RW25 111210  18  M330.010    
0.520°25°13′RW25 111210  18  M330.010    
0.820°13°17′RW26 1415.618  30  M450.029    
0.820°26°34′RW26 1415.618  30  M450.029    
120°13°35′RW26 161820  32  M450.043    
120°27°11′RW26 161820  32  M450.043    
1.2520°13°25′RW28 2123.525  37  M550.085    
1.2520°26°50′RW28 2123.525  37  M550.085    
1.520°13°26′RW182025283010 40    0.12    
1.520°13°26′RW1T82025283010 40  M550.12    
1.520°13°26′RW1K102025283010 4041.8M450.11    
1.520°26°54′RW182025283010 40    0.12    
1.520°26°54′RW1T82025283010 40  M550.12    
1.520°26°54′RW1K102025283010 4041.8M450.11    
214°30′13°42′RW1122531353214 46    0.20    
214°30′13°42′RW1K122531353214 4641.8M470.20    
214°30′13°42′RW1K142531353214 4652.3M470.18    
214°30′27°25′RW1122531353214 46    0.20    
214°30′27°25′RW1K122531353214 4641.8M470.20    
214°30′27°25′RW1K142531353214 4652.3M470.18    
214°30′13°42′LW1122531353214 46    0.20    
214°30′13°42′LW1K122531353214 4641.8M470.20    
214°30′13°42′LW1K142531353214 4652.3M470.18    
214°30′27°25′LW1122531353214 46    0.20    
214°30′27°25′LW1K122531353214 4641.8M470.20    
214°30′27°25′LW1K142531353214 4652.3M470.18    
2.520°13°52′RW1153037424518 63    0.39    
2.520°13°52′RW1K153037424518 6352.3M490.39    
2.520°13°52′RW1K163037424518 6352.3M490.37    
2.520°13°52′RW1K173037424518 6352.3M490.36    
2.520°27°46′RW1153037424518 63    0.39    
2.520°27°46′RW1K153037424518 6352.3M490.39    
2.520°27°46′RW1K163037424518 6352.3M490.37    
2.520°27°46′RW1K173037424518 6352.3M490.36    
2.520°13°52′LW1153037424518 63    0.39    
2.520°13°52′LW1K153037424518 6352.3M490.39    
2.520°13°52′LW1K163037424518 6352.3M490.37    
2.520°13°52′LW1K173037424518 6352.3M490.36    
2.520°27°46′LW1153037424518 63    0.39    
2.520°27°46′LW1K153037424518 6352.3M490.39    
2.520°27°46′LW1K163037424518 6352.3M490.37    
2.520°27°46′LW1K173037424518 6352.3M490.36    
314°30′13°55′RW1163544505020 70    0.64    
314°30′13°55′RW1K173544505020 7052.3M4100.62    
314°30′13°55′RW1K183544505020 7062.8M5100.60    
314°30′13°55′RW1K193544505020 7062.8M5100.58    
314°30′13°55′RW1K203544505020 7062.8M5100.56    
314°30′27°50′RW1163544505020 70    0.64    
314°30′27°50′RW1K173544505020 7052.3M4100.62    
314°30′27°50′RW1K183544505020 7062.8M5100.60    
314°30′27°50′RW1K193544505020 7062.8M5100.58    
314°30′27°50′RW1K203544505020 7062.8M5100.56    
314°30′13°55′LW1163544505020 70    0.64    
314°30′13°55′LW1K173544505020 7052.3M4100.62    
314°30′13°55′LW1K183544505020 7062.8M5100.60    
314°30′13°55′LW1K193544505020 7062.8M5100.58    
314°30′13°55′LW1K203544505020 7062.8M5100.56    
314°30′27°50′LW1163544505020 70    0.64    
314°30′27°50′LW1K173544505020 7052.3M4100.62    
314°30′27°50′LW1K183544505020 7062.8M5100.60    
314°30′27°50′LW1K193544505020 7062.8M5100.58    
314°30′27°50′LW1K203544505020 7062.8M5100.56    
414°30′13°42′RW1225062707025 95    1.76    
414°30′27°25′RW1225062707025 95    1.76    
414°30′13°42′LW1225062707025 95    1.76    
414°30′27°25′LW1225062707025 95    1.76    
514°30′14°06′RW325567080852020125    2.86    
514°30′28°13′RW325567080852020125    2.86    
614°30′14°18′RW3306480921002525150    4.38    
614°30′28°38′RW3306480921002525150    4.38    
Product Precautions
[Precaution on J Series Products]  ①Since J series are available-on-request products, it requires a lead-time within 2 working-days (excludes the day ordered), after placing an order. Number of products we can handle for one order is 1 to 20 units. In case of ordering products over 20 units, we shall submit a quote.
 ②Keyways are made according to JIS B1301 standards and Js 9 tolerance. For products with a tapped hole, a set screw is included.

[Caution on Product Characteristics]  ①For W2-shaped products, a set screw is included. When setting up the mating wheel, make sure no friction occurs within the set screw.
 ②These gears produce axial thrust forces. See precaution for more details.
 ③If the bore size is less thanφ4, the tolerance class is H8. If the bore size is φ5 orφ6, and the hole length exceeds 3 times of the bore size, the class is also H8.

[Caution on Secondary Operations]  ①Please read “Cautions on Performing Secondary Operations”when performing modification and/or secondary operations of Worm Gears. Haguruma Kobo, the KHK's system for quick modification of KHK stock gears is also available.
 ②Gear tooth hardening of the worm reduces the precision (introduces errors in the lead and pressure angles). Avoid heat hardening as it will create bad tooth contact causing abrasion of the wheel.
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