[Ground Worm Shafts, Worm Gears (AG)] Series list    mating gears :  Ground Worms, Worm Gears (SWG) Ground Worm Shafts, Worm Gears (KWG)
Precision grade KHK W 002 grade 2 Heat treatment -
Reference section of gear Rotating plane Surface treatment -
Gear teeth Standard full depth Surface finish Cut
Normal pressure angle 20° Datum reference surface for teeth cutting Bore (H7)
Material CAC702(AlBC2) (*1) Modifications Possible
(*1) Hub of H4, H5 style is FC200
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Catalog No.
Reduction ratio Rotating plane
No. of teeth
Number of start Helix angle Hand of thread Shape Bore
Hub dia.
Pitch dia.
Throat dia.
Outside dia.
Face width
Hub width
Total length
Web thickness
Web O.D.
Mounting distance
Key width Key depth Screw Size Screw
Allowable torque(kgf·m)
Surface durability
Backlash low
Backlash up
Unit Price
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Prices of J Series Products
Prices of J Series Products
Prices of J Series Products
200.52013°11′RHA4910 115712  9.5    KWG0.5-R1
100.52026°20′RHA4910 115712  9.5    KWG0.5-R2
300.53013°11′RHA41215 165712  12    KWG0.5-R1
150.53026°20′RHA41215 165712  12    KWG0.5-R2
400.54013°11′RHA51520 215712  14.5    KWG0.5-R1
500.55013°11′RHA52025 265712  17    KWG0.5-R1
600.56013°11′RHA52530 315712  19.5    KWG0.5-R1
200.82013°49′RHA51216 17.68816  14    KWG0.8-R1
100.82027°36′RHA51216 17.68816  14    KWG0.8-R2
300.83013°49′RHA51824 25.68816  18    KWG0.8-R1
150.83027°36′RHA51824 25.68816  18    KWG0.8-R2
400.84013°49′RHA62032 33.68816  22    0.390.060.170.068    KWG0.8-R1
500.85013°49′RHA82540 41.68816  26    0.610.060.170.10    KWG0.8-R1
600.86013°49′RHA82548 49.68816  30    0.860.060.170.14    KWG0.8-R1
2012013°35′RH1616202223101020  18    SWG1-R1
2012013°35′RH1T616202223101020  18  M450.    SWG1-R1
1012027°08′RH1616202223101020  18    SWG1-R2
1012027°08′RH1T616202223101020  18  M450.    SWG1-R2
3013013°35′RH1620303233101020  23    0.410.080.190.078    SWG1-R1
3013013°35′RH1T620303233101020  23  M450.410.080.190.076    SWG1-R1
3013013°35′RH1T820303233101020  23  M550.410.080.190.073    SWG1-R1
1513027°08′RH1620303233101020  23    0.380.080.190.078    SWG1-R2
1513027°08′RH1T620303233101020  23  M450.380.080.190.076    SWG1-R2
1513027°08′RH1T820303233101020  23  M550.380.080.190.073    SWG1-R2
4014013°35′RH1826404243101020  28    0.730.080.190.13    SWG1-R1
4014013°35′RH1T826404243101020  28  M550.730.080.190.13    SWG1-R1
4014013°35′RH1K1026404243101020  2841.8M450.730.080.190.13    SWG1-R1
4014013°35′RH1K1226404243101020  2841.8M450.730.080.190.12    SWG1-R1
5015013°35′RH1830505253101020  33    SWG1-R1
5015013°35′RH1T830505253101020  33  M551.    SWG1-R1
5015013°35′RH1K1030505253101020  3341.8M451.    SWG1-R1
5015013°35′RH1K1230505253101020  3341.8M451.    SWG1-R1
5015013°35′RH1K1430505253101020  3352.3M451.    SWG1-R1
5015013°35′RH1K1530505253101020  3352.3M451.    SWG1-R1
5015013°35′RH1K1630505253101020  3352.3M451.    SWG1-R1
5015013°35′RH1K1730505253101020  3352.3M451.    SWG1-R1
6016013°35′RH11035606263101020  38    1.570.080.190.29    SWG1-R1
6016013°35′RH1K1035606263101020  3841.8M451.570.080.190.28    SWG1-R1
6016013°35′RH1K1235606263101020  3841.8M451.570.080.190.28    SWG1-R1
6016013°35′RH1K1435606263101020  3852.3M451.570.080.190.27    SWG1-R1
6016013°35′RH1K1535606263101020  3852.3M451.570.080.190.27    SWG1-R1
6016013°35′RH1K1635606263101020  3852.3M451.570.080.190.26    SWG1-R1
6016013°35′RH1K1735606263101020  3852.3M451.570.080.190.26    SWG1-R1
6016013°35′RH1K1835606263101020  3862.8M551.570.080.190.25    SWG1-R1
6016013°35′RH1K1935606263101020  3862.8M551.570.080.190.25    SWG1-R1
201.52013°26′RH1822303334.5141024  27.5    0.540.100.210.10    SWG1.5-R1
201.52013°26′RH1T822303334.5141024  27.5  M550.540.100.210.10    SWG1.5-R1
201.52013°26′RH1K1022303334.5141024  27.541.8M450.540.100.210.096    SWG1.5-R1
101.52026°51′RH1822303334.5141024  27.5    SWG1.5-R2
101.52026°51′RH1T822303334.5141024  27.5  M550.    SWG1.5-R2
101.52026°51′RH1K1022303334.5141024  27.541.8M450.    SWG1.5-R2
301.53013°26′RH11030454849.5141024  35    SWG1.5-R1
301.53013°26′RH1K1030454849.5141024  3541.8M451.    SWG1.5-R1
301.53013°26′RH1K1230454849.5141024  3541.8M451.    SWG1.5-R1
301.53013°26′RH1K1430454849.5141024  3552.3M451.    SWG1.5-R1
301.53013°26′RH1K1530454849.5141024  3552.3M451.    SWG1.5-R1
301.53013°26′RH1K1630454849.5141024  3552.3M451.    SWG1.5-R1
301.53013°26′RH1K1730454849.5141024  3552.3M451.    SWG1.5-R1
151.53026°51′RH11030454849.5141024  35    SWG1.5-R2
151.53026°51′RH1K1030454849.5141024  3541.8M451.    SWG1.5-R2
151.53026°51′RH1K1230454849.5141024  3541.8M451.    SWG1.5-R2
151.53026°51′RH1K1430454849.5141024  3552.3M451.    SWG1.5-R2
151.53026°51′RH1K1530454849.5141024  3552.3M451.    SWG1.5-R2
151.53026°51′RH1K1630454849.5141024  3552.3M451.    SWG1.5-R2
151.53026°51′RH1K1730454849.5141024  3552.3M451.    SWG1.5-R2
401.54013°26′RH11235606364.5141024  42.5    SWG1.5-R1
401.54013°26′RH1K1235606364.5141024  42.541.8M452.    SWG1.5-R1
401.54013°26′RH1K1435606364.5141024  42.552.3M452.    SWG1.5-R1
401.54013°26′RH1K1535606364.5141024  42.552.3M452.    SWG1.5-R1
401.54013°26′RH1K1635606364.5141024  42.552.3M452.    SWG1.5-R1
401.54013°26′RH1K1735606364.5141024  42.552.3M452.    SWG1.5-R1
401.54013°26′RH1K1835606364.5141024  42.562.8M552.    SWG1.5-R1
401.54013°26′RH1K1935606364.5141024  42.562.8M552.    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH11245757879.5141024  50    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH1K1245757879.5141024  5041.8M4*    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH1K1445757879.5141024  5052.3M4*    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH1K1545757879.5141024  5052.3M4*    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH1K1645757879.5141024  5052.3M4*    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH1K1745757879.5141024  5052.3M453.    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH1K1845757879.5141024  5062.8M553.    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH1K1945757879.5141024  5062.8M553.    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH1K2045757879.5141024  5062.8M553.    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH1K2245757879.5141024  5062.8M553.    SWG1.5-R1
501.55013°26′RH1K2545757879.5141024  5083.3M653.    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH11250909394.5141024  57.5    4.550.100.210.83    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K1250909394.5141024  57.541.8M4*54.550.100.210.82    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K1450909394.5141024  57.552.3M4*54.550.100.210.81    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K1550909394.5141024  57.552.3M4*54.550.100.210.81    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K1650909394.5141024  57.552.3M4*54.550.100.210.81    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K1750909394.5141024  57.552.3M4*54.550.100.210.80    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K1850909394.5141024  57.562.8M554.550.100.210.80    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K1950909394.5141024  57.562.8M554.550.100.210.79    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K2050909394.5141024  57.562.8M554.550.100.210.79    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K2250909394.5141024  57.562.8M554.550.100.210.77    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K2550909394.5141024  57.583.3M654.550.100.210.75    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K2850909394.5141024  57.583.3M654.550.100.210.73    SWG1.5-R1
601.56013°26′RH1K3050909394.5141024  57.583.3M654.550.100.210.71    SWG1.5-R1
2022013°41′RH11233404446181533  35.5    SWG2-R1
2022013°41′RH1K1233404446181533  35.541.8M47.    SWG2-R1
2022013°41′RH1K1433404446181533  35.552.3M47.    SWG2-R1
Product Precautions
[Precaution on J Series Products]  ①Since J series are available-on-request products, it requires a lead-time within 2 working-days (excludes the day ordered), after placing an order. Number of products we can handle for one order is 1 to 20 units. In case of ordering products over 20 units, we shall submit a quote.
 ②Keyways are made according to JIS B1301 standards and Js 9 tolerance.
 ③Certain products which would otherwise have a very long tapped hole are conterbored to reduce the length of the tap. (Products marked with “ * “ are the tap size). For products which have a very short tapped hole (Products marked with “ ** “ are the tap size), the length of tapped hole is less than the nominal diameter (4mm or lesser for M4). Since tapped holes made for plastic products are easily broken, avoid too much tightening when fastening screws.
 ④For products, the use of H1T shaped Set Screws for fastening gears to a shaft is a method only applicable to the usage for light loads. For secure fastening, please use dowel pins in combination.

[Caution on Product Characteristics]  ①The allowable torques shown in the table are calculated values according to the assumed usage conditions. Please see precaution for more details.
 ②There may be space in the casting between the two materials, but it will not affect the joint strength.

[Caution on Secondary Operations]  ①Please read “Cautions on Performing Secondary Operations”when performing modification and/or secondary operations of Worm Gears. Haguruma Kobo, the KHK's system for quick modification of KHK stock gears is also available.
 ②Tooth and the hub area, fastened by casting, is designed to have higher hardness than other parts of the gear. However, please avoid modifying parts except for the hub. Also, the hardness may decrease if secondary operations are performed.
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